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Germanic Consulting provides free information resources, translation and linguistic consulting services related to Germanic languages, i.e. English, German, Dutch-Flemish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Afrikaans, etc.
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English Czech German Czech
Czech English Czech German
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How close are German and English related?
German -SS(-) or -(-) English -T(-) German -TZ(-) or Z- English (-)T(-)
dass that Katze cat
beien bite Hitze heat
Biss bit Witz wit
hei hot zwei two
Wasser water Zinn tin
wei white Zoll toll
German -B(-) English -V- German -B(-) English -F(-)
eben even Laib loaf
leben live Leben life
Leber liver ob if
sieben seven Weib wife
ber over    
German (-)PF- English P or -PP- German CH English GH
Pfeffer pepper hoch high
Pfund pund acht eight
Pfennig penny Nacht night
Kupfer copper Flucht flight
Pflaume plum Gewicht weight
German (-)T(-) English (-)D(-) German D English TH
trinken drink Bad bath
Traum dream danken thank
reiten ride dass that
weit wide drei three
Tier deer drohen threaten
Gott God Donner thunder
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